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How to survive pouring rain during your Yakushima hike | 屋久島・縄文杉へ行く日がまさかの大雨!というあなたへの必需品リスト

Yakushima (Kagoshima prefecture) – the island where it rains “for 35 days a month.” This is what people say when they hear Yakushima; the island is typically known for its excessive rainy weather. It is also known as the “island of the gods”, due to its beautiful nature commonly attributed to the Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke. Most people head over to Yakushima to challenge themselves on the 10hour hike to the Jomon-sugi (cedar tree).

When I visited in October last year, I had desperately hoped for sun… but the weather forecast only showed 100% chance of rain. I guess the gods forbade me from the sun.


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The beginner’s guide to a perfect drive in Itoshima, Fukuoka | 初めての糸島を堪能する!絶景日帰りドライブ@糸島(福岡県)

It’s been a year and a half since I moved to Fukuoka, and there is one place where I visit almost monthly and often introduce on this blog: Itoshima.
A region situated in between the ocean and the mountains, it is perfect for a day trip as it only takes about a 40min drive away from the city center.
Now that I’ve visited multiple times and have my own list of places to stop by, it’s probably about time I introduce my drive route to all of you. So here it is: the beginner’s guide to Itoshima.


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Once a bilingual, always a struggling bilingual | バイリンガルであり続けるにはどうすれば良い?

As a learner of English, it may seem like all you have to do is strive for the top.
But once you’ve acquired a fair level of English, you plateau. And after reaching your peak, you’ve only got to go downhill, or to retain the status quo.


I went downhill.

私はというと… 不意に手放してしまったのです。

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The BEST pudding in Japan with a sprinkle of quality salt in Itoshima | 食べずには帰れない!日本一おいしいプリン@糸島(福岡県)

If you have a sweet tooth and ever stop by Fukuoka, here is a treat like no other.
Located in Itoshima, about a 50min drive away from Fukuoka city, is the most delicious pudding you’ll ever try in your life (according to my experience). Have no regrets: this is by far the BEST pudding in Japan!


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Hiking Mt. Usu in Hokkaido: the volcano that tells no lies | 犠牲者ゼロだった有珠山噴火の現場へ行ってみた(北海道)

Japan is located on board four major tectonic plates – hence why we have numerous earthquakes and volcanic activity. We often hear of natural disasters that caused a large number of casualties… but did you know that there was a massive volcanic eruption back in 2000 that resulted in 0 deaths?


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So, there’s not much on your résumé, but you’re a TEDx speaker? |「すごい人」でもないのにTEDxに登壇していいの?

It’s scary being a speaker.


There are millions of amazing people out there, and I’m far from their status. Then why am I about to make a presentation in front of an audience of 100 people, and then afterwards have my presentation uploaded on YouTube for an infinite number of more people to watch?


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Fukuoka Eats #2: Blessings from the islands | 博多うまいもん②:離島からの贈り物

Fukuoka is filled with delicious restaurants – a haven for foodies!
It’s been a while since my first Fukuoka Eats post, so here is the second.


Rito Kitchen” – This restaurant is a must-go for those who like having healthy and local-oriented Japanese food in a hidden, traditional Japanese area.


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Tokyo may not be so bad after all. | 東京が、好きになれてきた。

It’s been just over a year since I moved away from Tokyo to Fukuoka.

The past year was full of changes, especially with all the hello’s and goodbye’s. All in all, it was a year in which I felt grateful for all the people in my life.
It was also a year in which I saw Tokyo in a new light. Tokyo, a city which I looked upon with bitterness, started to seem like a kinder place after a year of living apart from it.


If someone in their twenty-something were to start living in Tokyo, here are the tips I would give. (This also serves as a note to my future self!)


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Pilgrimage to the scenes of “Your Name.” in Gifu | 飛騨探訪してみた!(「君の名は。」聖地巡礼)

Disclaimer: If you live outside of Japan and/or haven’t watched the movie yet, don’t worry – I won’t give away much of the plot in this entry!

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