What it’s like to be a returnee in Japan | 「帰国子女」として日本で暮らして思うこと。

I’m Japanese as well as not. I love Japan, but I also question many norms in society. Countless times have I been judged, either appropriately or wrongly, in ways I had never perceived myself before. I wanted to be Japanese, yet I knew I could never fully be one. Where was my place in this society?


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When in self-doubt: give credit to the current “you” | 過去の自分 vs 今の自分に、もがいているあなたへ。

We record our most memorable moments on our SNS accounts; whenever we are moved, excited, or feeling positive and confident. But what about when we feel tired, demotivated, and in need of some encouragement? What can we find online that could help us when we’re under the weather?



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Honeymoon in Morocco #3: Left my heart and appetite in Fes | モロッコ・ハエムーン③:心と胃袋を持ってかれたフェズ

After seeing Marrakech and the Sahara, our Morocco travels were coming to an end. It had been a honeymoon filled with surprises, and we were looking forward to even more of them at our final destination… though maybe not quite the kind I ended up experiencing. lol

マラケシュとサハラ砂漠を後にして、残りはフェズ。この最終地点でさらなる発見を期待していましたが… なんと、予想外な展開を迎えることに。笑

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Honeymoon in Morocco #2: Surprises at the Sahara | モロッコ・ハエムーン②:サハラ砂漠で常識を覆された

After saying farewell to Marrakech, we hit the road for the 3 day tour to Fez via the Sahara! My very first encounter with the desert – To be honest, I actually didn’t have high expectations in the first place, purely because I really didn’t know what to expect.


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Honeymoon in Morocco #1: Dehydration in Marrakech | モロッコ・ハエムーン①:熱中症で倒れそうになったマラケシュへの道

Morocco is known in Japan as one of the “top three annoying countries in the world”  (the other two being Egypt and India). Japan loves these “Top 3 something’s in the world” rankings – I really wonder who decides these “Top 3s” to begin with – but anyway, Morocco is where we went for our honeymoon.


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Does marriage change your priorities in life? | やっぱり結婚したら優先順位って変わるもの?

Lately, I feel as though I perceive my weekends differently than before. Not just myself, but how others see my weekends as well.
I never really knew what being a “married woman” would entail, until I actually became one myself.  But is it all because of marriage?


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The self-analysis abyss and the wonders of metacognition| 終わりなき自己分析と、そんな自分を意識するメタ認知力。

I’ve been overwhelmed with emotions over the past few weeks (or maybe even months) that I have yet again reached the writer’s block. The inability to conjure up words to best describe my thoughts and feelings, though they are constantly buzzing within me.


It’s not the first time I’ve encountered this state; in fact, such a state befalls me every so often. In times like these, I delve into a cycle of self-analysis – which I often do, actually, and have done ever since middle school.


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Learning to accept that introverted me | 「内向的な」自分を受け入れるまで

People often see me as the kind of person who’s always outgoing, social, and with a lot of friends. They tell me I’m always radiating with energy and find me with wonder how I can keep that energy up.


To be honest, I can’t. And I wasn’t able to accept that side of me – that reluctant, antisocial me – because that’s not who I wanted to be nor whom I believed to be.


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All the lessons 2 years can bring: Reflecting upon my life in Fukuoka | 福岡で過ごしたこの2年間が、私を大きく変えてくれた。

After moving from Tokyo to Fukuoka and living here for two years, the time has finally come for me to say farewell to this lovely place that I now call home.


Two years ago, I remember myself being that lost individual uncertain of my dreams, but at the same time hopeful of the future that I had so imagined, so sure that life would go as planned. Well, life obviously didn’t treat me in that way.


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